Tape Digitising

With the decline of tape formats being used, there has never been a more critical time to protect your valuable assets. Old tapes are at risk of deteriorating and becoming more difficult to restore with time. We can digitise any of your tapes including legacy formats and are equipped with a comprehensive range of broadcast VTRs and Legacy decks to fulfil all your requirements. Our experts take great care when digitising tape formats to ensure your content is captured with no physical damage to your tape.


By digitising your tapes, you can enjoy benefits such as:


  • Preserving the quality and integrity of your original content, preventing further degradation and loss of information.
  • Enhancing the visual and audio quality of your content, using our restoration options to stabilise, remove noise and improve errors.
  • Sharing your content with a wider audience on online platforms, at exhibitions, via streaming services and more.
  • Monetising your content, creating new revenue streams and opportunities from your archived assets.

We offer a fast and reliable service and can handle any volume and type of tapes, from VHS to Digi Betacam, from 1”C to DVCPro and more. Able to provide back any digital format you prefer, such as ProRes, H.264, or MPEG-4.