Film Restoration

We can restore your scanned or digitised material using a selection of the best software options in the industry. Removing dirt, de-graining, sharpening and working on a frame-by-frame basis to ensure precise adjustments and corrections. We can handle complex or deeply damaged film footage using MTI, a tool that can address issues that automated processes may miss. This integrated workflow preserves the historical significance and visual quality of the original film while transforming it into a high-quality digital format suitable for contemporary distribution and future preservation.


With respect to the cultural and historical context of the material, we restore content accurately. Reproducing original colours, contrast and grain of the film. We also correct defects, distortions or artefacts caused by ageing or damage. We will also be flexible, adapting to specific needs and preferences and are happy to explore new possibilities and enhancements for the film.


Our restoration options can enhance your scanned or digitised material and make it look as good as new. Whether you have a classic film, a documentary, a home movie, or any other type of footage, we can help you restore it to its former glory.

Some of the benefits of our restoration service are:
  • You can preserve your films for longer, as digital files are more durable and resistant to deterioration than physical film.
  • You can share your films with others, as digital files are easier to distribute and access than physical film.
  • You can edit your films, as digital files are more flexible and compatible with various software and devices than physical film.

No matter the condition of the film, we are happy to work with it and provide restoration options. We have restored hundreds of films for clients from various backgrounds and industries. We have restored films that have historical, cultural, or personal value. As well as films that have artistic, educational, or entertainment value. We have even restored films that have been recognised and awarded by prestigious institutions and festivals.


As a team passionate about film restoration, we are committed to delivering the beautiful results and are always ready to take on new projects and challenges.