Film Scanning, Digitising and Restoration Services

We specialise in transforming archive tapes, films, images and documents into digital formats and offer comprehensive solutions for digitising and restoring film content.

Our Services

Film Scanning

Our Black Magic Cintel scanner is a powerful tool that scans 35mm and 16mm film formats in high resolution, preserving the clarity and detail of the original footage. It is efficient and cost effective, allowing you to digitise your film archives quickly and easily.

Tape Digitising

With the decline of tape formats being used by broadcasters, there has never been a more critical time to protect your valuable assets. Old tapes are at risk of deteriorating and becoming more difficult to restore with time.

We can digitise any of your tapes including legacy formats and are equipped with a comprehensive range of decks to fulfil all your requirements.

Film restoration, film cleaning and film repair


We can restore your scanned material using a selection of the best software options in the industry. Removing dirt, de-graining, sharpening and working on a frame-by-frame basis to ensure precise adjustments and corrections. We can handle complex or deeply damaged film footage using MTI, a tool that can address issues that automated processes may miss.


We understand that it can sometimes be confusing knowing what to do with your archive material and where to start. That’s why we offer step by step assistance, to make sure you get exactly what you require.



We can come to you to assess your archive material in person & provide advice based on what we find.



Once your content is assessed we will provide you with a bespoke workflow & different options based on budget.



Once a workflow is agreed we will start the work, keeping you updated throughout.



We deliver your content to wherever required & can arrange physical delivery of your assets.

Our Equipment


Black Magic Cintel Scanner

Video Tapes

Various Video Tape Decks


Film Restoration Kit